The OPF serve as the main military and law enforcement organization aboard the Pentagon Station.

History Edit

Founded against the will of the majority of Oxioni aboard Pentagon Station, the OPF was put in place to ensure the safety of the station and the people onboard.

While the Oxioni might prefer more peaceful ways for interacting with other species there are still alot of factions around the galaxy who doesn't.

To prevent those who only wish to cause harm from taking the station the OPF has been given a generous amount of funding not only used to train and equip its soldiers but also to improve the station itself.

Under the watching eyes of the OPF alien traders are allowed to come and go freely while exchanging exotic goods with their Oxioni counterparts.

Organization Edit

The OPF consist of three branches; the Sword, the Shield and the Eye. Each branch has a specific role and together they all ensure that the OPF works as it should.

Sword Edit

The Sword branch represents exterior military assets such as the small fleet of advanced frigates escorting the station at all times. It also represents OPF marine assault teams and fighter squadrons launched from the station hangar.

Shield Edit

The Shield represents all internal military assets, meaning defensive assets onboard the station. These vary from the massive turret batteries mounted on the hull to marine defense teams and heavy support mechs tasked with ensuring the safety of all lives onboard the Pentagon.

Eye Edit

Third branch of the OPF the Eye represents onboard security and law enforcement. This includes patrol officers, camera operators and dispatch.

Media Edit

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