Paraíso is a popular tourist resort and a Human colony located in the Tesoro ('Treasure') system. Paraíso maintains good relations with the Sol System Government.

Paraíso means 'paradise'.

Climate Edit

Climate on Paraíso is warm however the tropical environment keeps the jungles moist as well. Fauna is widespread, diverse and attract many tourists.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure on Paraíso is miniscule (unless counting the hundreds of resorts) and the planet has very little industry and mining both to maintain the beautiful environment but also because clearing out local wildlife and flora is notoriously difficult.

Notable Locations Edit

Five Kings Resort Edit

A famous tourist resort the Five Kings Resort is a massive tourist complex known throughout the galaxy for it's luxury and extensive service for visitors.

Halcón Defensa Militar HQ Edit

The headquarters for Halcón Defensa Militar is situated on Paraíso five metric miles outside of the capital city.

Media Edit


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