Paxton Smith is a former SSOID field agent with a shady reputation. He is currently working as a SSOID liason and tactical advisor under colonel Killian Horner within the Devil Squad program.

History Edit

Smith was just a boy when the Sol Unification happened. He never really knew what it was all about as he grew up on one of many stations orbiting Terra.

What he did know was that he wanted to be a soldier himself when he grew up. Skip ahead a few years later and Paxton was training to become a SDF marine. However due to a criminal past as a juvenile he was ultimately declined.

Shortly after he was contacted by the SSOID who offered him a position as a agent despite his past. Thankfull that he was not being judged, he accepted and worked as a agent for ten years within the Sol system.

During his tenth year Paxton was the subject of a intense internal affairs investigation due to a rumor that Smith had been selling off field intelligence to third party individuals.

Eventually the investigation ended and Smith was officially cleared of suspicion. Following the investigation Smith resigned and took a long break before returning back after colonel Horner asked for his help with the Devil Squad program.

Devil Squad Edit

Recruited to work with the Devil Squad program as a tactical advisor and SSOID liason, Paxton Smith will handle communication with the team during missions while relaying tactical information.

Media Edit

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