Praxaz is a decorated centurion working with the SDFs Foreign Legion. He is known to be stubborn, blunt and shortsighted however through years of service he has managed to build up respect from his troops despite their violent and often unprofessional nature.

History Edit

Relatively young for a Cazarith, Praxaz has seen enough war to last him several lifetimes. Naturally strong and violent, he watched his species war among themselves to the brink of extinction.

Even when the UGC stepped in to try and reverse the effect their aid could not help the billions dead. While his people focused on healing Praxaz left his homeworld to work as a mercenary.

A hundred contracts later he ended up on the doorstep of the SDF Foreign Legion. Tired of fighting for the sake of fighting the aged warrior wanted to settle down and create a legacy of his own.

He enlisted and rose through the ranks, becoming attaining the rank of centurion.

Commanding five squads of legionaires he's been depoyed alongside SDF marines to some of the most unforgiving battlefields of the Southeastern Quadrant fighting against enemies who would use whatever means neccessary to kill anyone from Sol or allied with Sol.

Following his fifth tour with the Foreign Legion Praxaz recruited more fresh recruits for his squads, one of them was Sabrina Keller. Unknown to him at the time Keller would go from outcast to lifesaver and end up saving Praxaz's life numerous times in battle.

Equipment Edit

Media Edit

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