A mining planet just inside Sol System space. Produces large amounts of Tungsten for use by Sol and its military forces.

Climate Edit

The best way to describe Pyri II's climate is in one word. Hell. Temperatures reaching well into the hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit, a toxic atmosphere clouded with sulfur and other nasty materials and gases. One must wear proper gear before venturing out onto the surface, lest you burn alive or choke to death.

Infrastructure Edit

There are three primary mining colonies on Pyri II, all three state-owned. They are known as Pyrus Mining Colony #1, #2, and #3. Pyrus Mining Colony #1 is the main colony as well as the largest, and is considered the capital. Each colony is linked together via a set of underground tunnels, which use hyperloop technology to rapidly get passengers from one colony to the other.

Notable Locations Edit

There is an abandoned Upyri colony on the far side of the planet opposite of the Sol colonies, from when the Upyri first ventured out into space hundreds of years ago. It is now a husk of what it once was, slowly decaying in the intense heat of the planet and half sunken into a pool of magma that has built up beneath it.

Media Edit

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