Qalea is a Human world known for its large population and sprawling industries. Out of all the Human colonies which retain contact with the SSG Qalea is the most independent and have very few ties to Terra.

Instead of SDF auxiliaries Qalea relies primarily on a large force of local militias in the form of the Qalean People's Defense Forces.

SDF Auxiliaries exist but in limited numbers.

Climate Edit

Qalea has a very unique arid environment with most of the landmass having a very distinct golden color. Local fauna is extremely varied and contribute to an already lifefull world.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure on Qalea range between advanced manufacturing facilities to mining complexes and isolated desert refineries.

Notable Locations Edit

Manzil Edit

The capital of Qalea (name meaning 'fortress') is a sprawling desert city with a large industrial sector and an even larger trading hub.

Golden Peaks Edit

Golden Peaks is a large mountain range with a exotic tourist resort.

Thur MilTec HQ Edit

The headquarters for Thur MilTec is situated on the northern outskirts of Manzil and also includes a large industrial zone used for local manufacturing.

Media Edit

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