A famous mercenary, Qastus is supposedly the last surviving member of the Sawarkian Warmonks. He also claims to be the last member of a now-extinct species whose name has been lost with time itself.

History Edit

Following the destruction of the Sawarkian monastery in 2385 the entire brotherhood of warmonks was thought to have been killed by the invading Divinity Creed forces led by Zealot Hector Roth.

However shortly after the ensuing battle Qastus returned home to Sawark after a year-long mission to secure ancient writings which would be added to the monastery archive.

Shocked when met by ruins and the mutilated remains of his brothers Qastus traveled to the other side of the planet to speak with the Sawarkian Deathdancers, a secretive cult which the brotherhood traded knowledge with in exchange for hunt wildlife and gathering food within their territory.

Furious he asked the sisters for guidance. The Deathdancers told him that should he ever wish to fully avenge his brothers he would need to kill every last member of the Divinity Creed.

With his path set Qastus left the writings he had procured with the Deathdancers before setting out on his quest.

However as he traveled the galaxy Qastus soon found himself being the subject of many stories and legends. His intense hunt of the Creed had made its soldiers utter his name only in worried whispers.

Following an engagement with the Divinity Creed on a unnamed, uninhabited, world Qastus joined forces with Dhazvar. After that the two mercenaries ventured to Nyx, where they met Hirala and Varia Reyes.

Hirala, a Sawarkian Deathdancer, informed him that she and her sisters had been gifted with a vision. This vision had showed them that someone had visited the ruins of the monastery on Sawark and stolen a precious artifact.

Knowing the power of this artifact, Qastus and his companions set out to reclaim it.

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Qastus Face

The face of Qastus.

The Honored Seven

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