Quint Wayford is the current High Councilor of the Sol System Government. Through his passion for politics and Sol he has gradually built up an amazing connection with the people of Sol with many seeing him as a fellow citizen rather than a politician in a suit.

History Edit

Raised in Washington D.C. Quint aspired to follow his father's step to become a lawyer. Taking on mostly public defense cases Wayford quickly became popular with the general population.

He gained the attention of the entire Sol system in 2339 when he undertook the Codicia case. Covered by most, if not all, media outlets in the system (as well as neighbouring ones) Wayford represented the people versus Codicia Mining Inc. after a anonymous whistleblower leaked information that the mining company deliberately sent its workers down into shafts not fit with current standard.

Shortly after the leak a mining tunnel collapsed, killing eight workers and injuring three. On his own against an army of corporate lawyers Wayford pushed on, ultimately winning the case after the appointed judge was found taking bribes from Codicia.

Following his major victory Wayford was approached by Keith Vale, the son of a Earth official, who had been inspired by Wayford's work. As both men discovered that they shared similar visions for the system and its people they started a political party which gained alot of supporters quickly thanks to Wayford's knowledge on talking with the people and Vale's expertise on administration.

In 2345 war broke out at what came to be known as the Sol Unification. A pacifist his whole life whom had chosen the pen above the sword, Wayford abandoned his peaceful ways to fullfill what he called "his duty towards the people of Sol".

While he didn't agree with the ban on religion he thought that the goal to unite the system under a single banner was bigger than the individual person and ultimately, faith itself.

Serving with the 43rd SDF Marines, Wayford was part of the second wave of forces deployed on Mars. He saw action against some of the most zealous Creed militants and survived. He helped bury both his brothers in arms and the victims of his weapon.

Quint's wife, Anna Wayford, once claimed that when her husband finally returned home "a part of him had stayed on Mars".

Following the Sol Unification Wayford and Vale adjusted their focus and became strong voices for a future where all people of Sol could be united. Even though he never openly said so, many believe that Wayford would remove the ban on religion if given enough support.

Sadly the numerous attacks carried out by anti-Sol fanatics has not only tied his hands by angering the people, but also angered Wayford himself after his family were nearly caught in the blast of an improvised bomb.

Eventually elected as High Councilor, Wayford appointed his friend Keith Vale to become his administrator.

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SSG High Councilor Transport

Wayford's private airship, the Cloudsparrow