Homeworld to the Khergians and the baseworld for Khrosus Industrial Inc.

Climate Edit

The planet is enveloped in ice and snow all year round and it's seasons are only differentiated by shifting levels of sunlight and slightly varying temperatures. All thought the biomes are mostly arctic or tundra, there are a few pockets of mountainous terrain and forest valleys.

Infrastructure Edit

Due to the large open tundras on the planet, trucks and other landbased transports make up the majority of vehicles, but VTOLs are not uncommon to cover large ground quickly or maneuver difficult terrain. Most clans live in their own settlement usually with great distance between their neighboring clans. While most settlements are on ground level, some are built up on platforms or underground, depending on what kind of threats they face in the region. The settlements are usually connected to hubs by actual roads.

The regional hubs, which can been factories, mining facilities, logistics terminals or tradeports, are usually connected by either a highway, air traffic or mag train. the huge distances between the regional hubs make airlift the most used mode of travelling around the planet.

Notable Locations Edit


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