Rosa Belmonte is the Lord Admiral of the SDF, taking over from her colleague Viktor Zhaneys.

History Edit

The youngest person to ever be promoted to the rank of admiral within the SDF navy, Rosa Belmonte proved herself more than once during the Sol-USR war.

When Belmonte was still a cadet fresh from the Navy Academy on Terra her ship came under attack during a combat support misison.

The initial attack killed most of the senior officers who, at the time, had been on the ground to take part in the operational briefing alongside several marine officers.

Because the chain of command was broken Rosa stepped up and assumed temporary command of the ship. Using every inch of tactical thinking she could muster Rosa and her crew managed to retaliate against the attackers and keep the skies clear over the nearby SDF FOB long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

Following the battle all crewmembers were awarded with the SDFs Medal of Distinguished Service for their bravery. Rosa was officially promoted to the rank of captain and by the end of the war she was one of the admirals in charge of one of many defense fleets stationed above Terra.

Because of her excellent service record, young age and general military experience Viktor Zhaneys choose Rosa as the next person to become Lord Admiral.

Media Edit

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