This is a list of SSOID strikeforces. SSOID strikeforces are covert-ops units trained, equipped and deployed to perform high-risk missions which require extreme precision and secrecy. Each strikeforce is led by an 'actual' who shares his/her callsign with the unit name.

In 2385, several strikeforces were temporarily merged with the STWG.

Strikeforces Edit

Strikeforce Ares Edit

Hardened group of career soldiers, Ares demands the highest discipline and focus from his men. A goal which has turned Strikeforce Ares into one of the best military units in the entire Sol system.

Strikeforce Hades Edit

Headhunters and trackers, Hades carry out assassinations of high-ranking enemy officers and other targets to disturb or break the chain of command and lower enemy morale. In some cases they are also deployed to neutralize other high-risk threats such as enemy spies.

Strikeforce Hunter Edit

Led by Caroline Hunter, this strikeforce operates directly from the SNV Redstar. They mostly carry out stealth missions however in some cases they are also deployed to quickly neutralize a key objective before pulling out.

Strikeforce Titan Edit

Personal guard of SSOID director Talwin Williams. Considered to be as tough as the material they are named after Strikeforce Titan consist of some of the most hardcore soldiers in active service.

They would rather take a thousand bullets than let the director die and they have all sworn an oath to protect him no matter the cost.

Strikeforce Xerxes Edit

Direct-assault unit, Strikeforce Xerxes are infamous for their incredible luck (which they argue is the result of "years of skill") during outright suicidal missions.

Strikeforce Zeus Edit

Recon unit. Zeus are often deployed deep into enemy territory with the odds always stacked against them. They enjoy the challenge.

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