The SYN Oculus is an organization under the Local Accord that recruits individuals who have the potential to become Syncs. The organization acts as a training temple for Syncs to utilize their connection to the Conduit and interact with one another. An Oculus Temple is headed by a Grand Teacher who educates a new member on the the path to Synergy.

History Edit

The discovery of Synergy led to a new age of enlightenment, the Conduit directing power to Zeruel. The construction of Synergy distribution to nearby worlds opened Syncs to sense one's presence. Thus, leading the creation of a temple for Syncs. By 2340, the temples' numbers increased drastically, old members began to understand more of their newfound abilities. The old melded their minds towards the Conduit and develop a metaphysical philosophy. As a result, the temples crafted their culture based on the spiritual side of Synergy, igniting a religion called the Ascension.

Departments and Organizations within the Crimus

Emperium: Crimson BrigadeCrimson EliteVolunteer FrontRau ArmadaDefensive Lance
Astro Concord: Merchant MarinesCivil Servant
Local Accord: Civilian Administration (Welfare SupplyEducation CodexCurative CenterCounter Criminal AuthorityHousing and Citizenship Agency) • SYN Oculus
Engineering Amendment: Heria Engineering AssemblyScience InstituteSynergy OptimalMechanian FacultyGenesis Nova (Vat Assembly)
Arbitrate Commission
Para Skull
Races: HumansKercanSeltra
Cultures: Syncs
Vehicles: Daedalus
Technology: CyberneticaDynamo Joe/Jane SeriesUnderdome
Battles: Battle of ZeruelKohan Conflict
Notable Members: Auditor MariahlusIncarnateDaud MiltonMistel Hale

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