Sabrina Keller is a veteran legionaire working with SDFs Foreign Legion. She is the right hand of Praxaz which is good since her reasoning and logical thinking have saved many people from getting their skulls turned into soup by the bad tamper of her commanding officer.

History Edit

Born on the Divinity Creed capital of God's Gift, Keller never really fit in with rest of her age.

After going through basic combat training starting at age ten and ending at fifteen Sabrina started to work within the military arm as a crusader assigned to protect a Creed missionary who was tasked with spreading "God's eternal enlightenment".

During a mission on some backwater planet too isolated to even have a name, a group of villagers attempted to rob Sabrina, her squad and the missionary they were protecting.

Following a short firefight Sabrina was the lone survivor. Having witnessed first hand how the Creed's twisted message only lead to more violence and after years of doubt she deserted, seeing as no one else within the Creed knew the fate of her group.

Years later she resurfaced and enlisted with the SDFs Foreign Legion. Honest from the start, Sabrina was first met with alot of suspicion untill Praxaz took her under his wings and made her his second-in-command.

From that point forward she has served with extreme dedication, not to mention saved Praxaz from an early death numerous times.

Equipment Edit

Media Edit

Sabrina Keller

Keller in her uniform.

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