Saif El-Hashem, more commonly known as Shades, is an illegal armsdealer who profit from instigating conflicts and then selling weapons to both sides involved.

He is currently on the SSOID's 100 Most Wanted list due to suspicion of providing weapons to multiple anti-Sol groups..

History Edit

Saif grew up in the busy market districts of several large cities on Terra. Both of his parents were hard at work selling goods, trinkets and other items.

Observing his father persuade customers into paying more than the starting price convinced Saif into becoming an expert of persuasion himself. Busniess was rough for his during the Unification but it didn't stop little Saif from persuading customers into outright giving money to the family of merchants.

At age eighteen Saif began to work as a trade broker. He represented several different clients (often with rivals) and thanks to his quick thinking he was always able to turn the odds in his favor.

To keep up with others in his field Saif hired Hemelvaart Cybernetics to provide several ocular (and other) bionic implants and augmentions, greatly increasing his ability to multi-task and read people's emotions.

His black visor earned him the nickname Shades, something he's overly proud of. After surpassing his parents and his thousands of colleagues Shades got bored and decided to work with something involving bigger risks.

He expanded his work onto an interstellar level and jumped between planet while hauling goods left and right. Eventually that bored him too and he realized that he could earn so much more from dealing weapons.

Drunk with power Shades used his money to build a smaller empire which he used to buy and sell weapons to the highest (and in some cases, the most desperate) bidder. Slow but steady his name began to spread throughout the criminal underground and he earned a reputation for always providing high-quality product.

Unfortunately for Saif the SSOID eventually caught wind of his schemes and placed a bounty on him which has since been tripled. Shades is suspected of selling state-of-the-art weaponry and military equipment to dozens of fanatical militant groups ranging from pirates to the hardened militia of the Lunar Children.

Lately there's rumors circulating that Shades has expanded into the field of treasure hunting.

Media Edit

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