Sarah Dominguez is a member of the Novastar Queens and a expert on advanced technology with a focus on jump-drives and quantum physics.

History Edit

Born on Luna, Sarah Dominguez is the youngest of five daughters. Her parents were both famous scientists who had helped develop the SDF stealth drives used by Stockholm-class cruisers.

While her sisters started to work with her parents or enlisted with the SDF, Sarah chose her own path eventually landing her a job with NewGen Technological Solutions.

In 2379 Sarah was in a accident which ended up injuring her severely. Following the incident she was forced to enhance herself with cybernetic augments.

After recovering she left NewGen, having realized that life is far too short to be spent entirely within the Sol system.

In 2381 she ended up on the Upyri world of Nyx where she met Kara Locke and Linda Quinlan, who she later co-founded the Novastar Queens with.

Equipment Edit

Z-GUS Edit

Worn by Dominguez, the Zero-Gravity Utility Suit was originally built for personnel stationed onboard orbital stations and features its own oxygen and power supply. The suit also have several thrusters mounted across its surface allowing swift and precise movement during EVA operations.

Sarah's suit has been heavily modified to accommodate her cybernetic augments.

DNG Edit

Even though the patent is pending it didn't stop Sarah from using her custom-built Dominguez Nanite Glove on a daily basis to assist her with maintenance onboard the Novastar.

Media Edit

Merc Sarah Dominguez

Dominguez in her engineering suit, inspecting the jumpcore of the Novastar.

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