Sawark is a isolated planet located in the center of the Eastern Quadrant. It is a neutral world which has avoided detection due it not being present on most starcharts.

Sawark is also home to the Sawarkian Warmonks and the Sawarkian Deathdancers who are, despite their names, not rivaling pirate groups but small independent factions who wish to be left alone.

 Climate Edit

Climate on Sawrk consists mostly of arid regions however there some isolated areas with more temperate climates. Local fauna is extensive with many exotic plants and animals who thrive on the isolated world.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure on Sawark is non-existent due to its isolated location which have saved it from the eyes of mega corporations.

Notable Locations Edit

Sawark Monastery Edit

Built on a small mountain overlooking a large desert, the Sawark monastery is the home of the sawarkian warmonks and their incredible library which contains ancient writings from all over the galaxy.

Deathdancer Village Edit

Deep in one of the few forests on Sawark the Deathdancers built their village with the majority being positioned high up among the tree canopies to avoid viscious predators on the ground.

Media Edit


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