The Deathdancers is a mysterious martial arts-focused cult based on the planet of Sawark, hidden deep within its jungles.

History Edit

The Sawarkian Deathdancers is a Haalsiani cult which formed in the deep jungles of Sawark. While most of the cults' early history remains shrouded in mystery the monks of Sawark were able to detail a great deal of information regarding the current state of the group.

Led by their High Priestess, Jirala, the Deathdancers use powerful abilities to manipulate the world around them. Their religion also demands that every Deathdancer must be an expert in their own special form of martial arts which include hand-to-hand combat and the use of special polearms.

Because of their powerful abilites which allows to see what most would miss the Deathdancers are highly respected and not even the boldest would dare stand in their path.

Like their counterpart the Niraauz Order, the Deathdancer only allow Haalsiani females among their ranks.

Media Edit

Sawarkian Deathdancer

Traditional Deathdancer clothing.

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