Kerberos is an NGO Superpower led by Roan Larkin in the 25th Century. Formed as a reason for big business, Roan Larkin gave protection to anyone willing to pay from criminal organizations and harassers. Through this tactic of selling the Soldats as security, Larkin has managed to secure millions of contracts throughout the Southwest Quadrant. As of Crimson Incarnate, Kerberos have begun a partnership with SolGov soon to deal with their own problems.

History Edit

A man named Roan Larkin stepped into the fray and gained political allies and a small army to contain the situation. In 2451, Roan Larkin secured a stronghold and lodged criminals out of Darkirk. Soon enough people looked to the new stronghold and moved for protection and safety. After he got enough support to start mobilizing he ordered several units to raid key pirate ships and took them to prison.

The populace after gaining confidence from the successful raids started to settle down Darkirk and make a living. The birth of a new state came into function, drafted and officially signed by members of the Board on 2453 calling itself Kerberos. A state based on sanctuary, at first. Then as the territory of Darkirk expanded, other planets were acquired after relationships grew from protection. Production increased while Kerberos did its job to clear criminals out of the Southwest.

In 2485 a conflict rose between the Somandra Cartel and the state, a major raid towards Emera's location caused a series of rivalry going on to 2490. After taking up millions of contracts within the quadrant the superpower known as Yscom contacted the state.

Crimson Incarnate
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