The Sol Emergency Medical & Rescue Services, or simply 'SEMRS' for short, is a vital part of the Sol System Government. SEMRS primarily provides firefighters and paramedics but is also equipped to combat natural disasters and carry out domestic relief missions if needed.

History Edit

Founded a year prior to the SISP, SEMRS combined the power and resources all local hospitals and fire departments within the Sol system and turned them into an effective and modernized organization.

Upon merging SEMRS wasted no time and immeadiately began to improve its organization further while also improving the quality of life with the citizens of Sol.

Organization Edit

Run by a board headed by a director, SEMRS have four veteran chief doctors and four fire marshalls which govern over the two sub-organizations (EMS and FD).

Below the board is a wide range of chief doctors, fire marshalls and other specialized personnel which in turn handle the daily business of each respective department.

Equipment Edit


The SEPS (Specialized Environmental Protection Suit) is worn by firefighters all across the system. This heavy suit gains additional strength through its alloy armor, built-in exosuit and other systems. The SEPS feature a integrated helmet HUD, respirator, vital signs monitor and shock protection.

It is also fireproof.


Originally built for the SDF and later repurposed for civilian use the SEMRS VTOL (often nicknamed 'Angel') is used both for airlifting injured civilians, dropping water during firefighting operations and for search and rescue during maritime operations.

Media Edit