Responsible for law enforcement within the Sol system as well as border control and immigration the Sol Inter-System Police works directly under the Sol Department of Justice.

History Edit

Formed in the years after the Unification the SISP was, just like the SDF and SSOID, the result of a massive merge between national police forces and other law enforcement agencies.

Just like with their military and intelligence counterparts the SISP merge was slow and tedious due to a strong focus on military strength. The last independent police agency, Australia's Titan Federal Police Department, was dismantled in 2347 effectively marking the end of national police forces.

In 2348 the SISP was officially formed with HQs in the three Sol capitals backed up by thousands of precinct offices and smaller field offices present on Terra, Luna, Mars, Phobos and Titan.

Organization Edit

Officers of the SISP are either deployed from precincts or smaller orbital stations depending on if they work as patrol officers or as border security. Cooperation is key and SISP officers communicate regularly through a advanced communications network developed by the SSOID for SSFD headhunter teams.

Patrol officers often work in pairs. They either rely on hovercars, VTOLs or shuttles depending on the environment and assignment. Each officer carries a semi-auto kinetic pistol, a baton, radio, cuffs, medkit and other utilities on their person. Uniforms are unisex and two-colored with stripes alongside the legs sharing the same color as ties. A compact vest is worn ontop of the uniform shirt.

Border officers work in teams of four or more. For transport they travel in special interceptor shuttles or in smaller frigates, depending on the assignment. Border officers carry roughly the same gear as a standard SISP officer however their uniform is a single-colored jumpsuit worn underneath a heavier vest (ship crews do not carry vests). Aside from the standard-issue pistol SISP border officers are also armed with sub machineguns and pump-action kinetic shotguns.

Sol Tactical Response Unit (STRU) Edit

A branch of the SISP the STRU acts as a SWAT unit for high-risk situations such as hostage situations, bomb threats, raids and other delicate situations which require more than a group of SISP officers.

Sol Homeland Security Division Edit

Special joint-ooperations branch which consist of veteran SISP, STRU and SSOID officers. SHSD are tasked with raiding and mapping organized criminals with ties extending beyond the Sol system.

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