The Phantom Warrior Program was a top-secret initiative to genetically modify some of the best soldiers hailing from the SDF and SSOID ranks.

History Edit

Founded in 2385 the Phantom Warrior program began with the creation of commander Gladius. However, despite the success with Gladius, the program didn't take off untill 2388 when captain Henry Marshall requested for the SSOID to provide additional funds for the Phantom Warrior initiative to better combat the United Sol Resistance in the ongoing war.

With the request having been accepted captain Marshall assumed command of the deadly teams created through the programs and soon results begun to show as dozens of deadly surgical strikes were carried out against high value targets within the ranks of the Fists of Sol, Divinity Creed and Lunar Children.

The first team, Epsilon Team, started out as a team of enhanced SDF soldiers with varied backgrounds. Their first deployment was on Zyus II in 2385.

First Teams Edit

Epsilon Team and Sigma Team were the first combat-ready soldiers to be deployed from the Phantom Warrior Program. Originally acting as SDF soldiers with enhanced abilities and prototype gear they would later be enhanced further and provided with highly sophisticated armor systems.

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