Stanislav Koronov is one of the current Zealots leading Divinity creed forces. He was married to one Karina Koronova and from that marriage had two children: Alexander Koronov and Amy Koronova.

His current location is unknown.

Biography Edit

Little is known of Stanislav before his activity in the Creed. The middle child of a priest and a doctor, Stanislav was exposed to his father's teachings at an early age but wanted to follow his mother's footsteps in medicine. His view changed when his family was among those gunned down on Mars. This planted the seeds of hatred towards Sol in the young Stanislav. Hate that he would later use for his own ambitions.

Having finished his primary education, Stanislav enlisted and began to climb the ranks showing his ability to not only lead but inspire loyalty in those under his command. Thats also when Stanislav showed his other talents in manipulation. On June 27th 2353, he and a handfull of troops loyal to him donned SDF armor painted with crosses and stormed the command center of the SDF outpost on Vespera. The following morning the returning patrols found the equipment smashed, most of the personel dead and religious symbols and rethoric (Deus Vult, Allahu Akbar) along with warning to not pursue written on the wall.

Since then Stanislav has been an agent of the Divinity Creed. Attaining knighthood and eventually becoming a Zealot. His high position has allowed him to lead an entire Creed strike force and for him to conduct experiments on board his ship "The Devil's playhouse" The laters brainchild of his is the "Atlas project"

Modus operandi Edit

Stanislav is known to avoid direct contact with his oponents. Choosing to prod from a distance to evaluate their strenght and plan out his next move. His agents conceal themselves to infiltrate civilian population centers and start recruiting from there. Entire city riots and revolutions can be attributed to his influence.

When armed forces get involved, he turns to psychological warfare often having his followers threatening to commit atrocities and war crimes with the face value intent to demoralize. Usually they are not acted upon and serve as a distraction and diversion of resources for the enemy forces.

Traps and ambushes are commonly used in the advanced stages of urban warfare that eventually brakes out. Most of Stanislav's voctories can be atributed to long and drawn out wars of attrition combined with well placed strikes and ambushes against enemy commanders.

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