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Starpath is a series of online play-by-post RP games originating on the Facepunch Forums which feature an intricate scifi universe, as well as deep lore, crafted by dozens of contributors over the course of months of gameplay and thousands of posts. Here, we document the races, factions, settings and backgrounds found in this expansive game world for future reference. Initiated by Facepunch user Doomevil in March 2015 under the original title "Spaceship Crew RP," Starpath is set in the 24th century. Humans have prospered in the age of interstellar travel, and have come to rival the great alien empires which inhabit the galaxy. While technology has solved many of the great problems of history, some challenges prove timeless- war, poverty, and corruption are endemic to a galaxy which has seen terrible bloodshed in recent history. Still more conflict appears likely in the near future, and from the great leaders and industry giants down to the ordinary citizens at ground level, everyone has a personal interest in the outcome.
Check out Journey Across the Galaxy and Scoundrels of the Interstellar Highway at their respective pages.

Story: Journey Across the Galaxy (Equipment) • Scoundrels of the Interstellar Highway (Equipment) • Codex of SawarkDevils of SolProphecy of SawarkBlackwellBurning SailsCrimson IncarnateDivision's LegacyImperial Frontiers

Navbox navigation: LocationsSpeciesCrimusSolThe Archius XIThe Divinity CreedThe Muramasa CrewThe CataractUpyri FederationThe Lunar ChildrenThe Fists of SolThe Honored SevenChildren of GodThe United Sol ResistanceThe Transsentience CultThe Blackwell ReaversThe MordredCrimson IncarnateThe Absolution
Factions: Kanad Collective (Black Fleet) • Boome MarinesGold DustsDeath VigilElysium Combine (Argos) • Ayr Empire (IIF) • The Black MasksNovastar QueensSparrowhawk PSCAtlas InitiativeBounty Collection BureauOxioni Galactic Trade Coalition (OPF) • Krogir Federation (AFKF) • Eridia (EAF) • Sawarkian WarmonksSawarkian DeathdancersNiraauz OrderAzravi OrderUzhor Military RepublicKerberosKeres Company • Qalea (QPDF) • Frontier MilitiaAdanis FederationRed Corsairs (Crimson Raiders • Legkiy (LPM))
Corporations: NewGen Technological SolutionsKhrosus Industrial ConstructionAnvar Galactic ShipyardsHill Aerospace & AviationTrinity ArmsLuomi-Asano ApparelNagata-Ericsen Utility VehiclesUrsus Armored Inc.Hemelvaart CyberneticsUNIDA Systems Inc.Thur MilTecHalcón Defensa MilitarTaurus Vehicular SystemsCarter Farming Solutions
Ships: Ishins (BoijaYongYarikihei) • The NovastarThe CornellThe Unyielding Blade
Characters: Miranda CaineLexie TendallKara LockeRegina ConstanzaLinda QuinlanSarah DominguezArchangelNathaniel PetrovLanassa Niv'anKalana Va'unHanai AkatoraConnor O'NeillAnthraxKendra RainesVaria ReyesRaymond GallagherTyrKatarina IsoKarthozDur RawazFairuz KamaliZarvothAnja DrakhjelmAlexei ToporovDmitry ZhirovVadim KholodovDarya NovikovaLinda DrakhjelmSiv KishiKillian HornerPaxton SmithEmile GerreraLady HeemstraAesha DrachErin FayHacksawCarlos GarciaIoana SolovyovaCariVasil Kirilov ZaikovEckardt RathenauCecilia BlackwellElyas BlackwellSparkJoseph KingNaya Jarona
Vehicles: Red October
Lore: Lore GuidesTriviaTransmodernityJumpdrivesGravballRefugeesGunrunnersPiratesThe Renegade QuadrantEastern FringesPluto's GhostPathfinder IncidentEden Whispers
Battles: Novithus RiotsLegkiy Independence WarBattle of ZeruelThe Red Dome Incident

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