Stomper is the result of a black-ops experiment carried out by a rogue SSOID scientist working to breed sentient animal soldiers.

After earning his freedom, Stomper used his "gifts" and the training programmed into his brain to work as a mercenary.

History Edit

Created as a result of a ghastly experiment aiming to create and breed sentient animal soldiers, Stomper was originally a domesticated terran rabbit.

Stomper was the sole survivor of the experiment. All other animal participants either died due to unforseen side-effects or suffered serious neurological injuries.

During his first months as sentient Stomper was exposed to several rough environments. The rogue SSOID scientist in charge of the project figured that broadcasting a multitude of war and action movies would increase his level of comfort in a hostile zone.

His first sentence came to be "Screw you and your stupid-ass movies, asshole".

Lethal on the firing range as he was verbally Stomper grew to be a cocky and trigger-happy animal soldier.

After the experiment was shut down following a raid carried out by the SISP's Homeland Division the fur-clad soldier was released after a heated conversation with an entire SWAT team, a STRU counter-terrorist negotiator and a federal attorney. Stomper became recognized as a citizen of Sol.

Trained to kill but without a target to shoot at Stomper became a freelance mercenary who quickly earned the reputation for being someone you should never under-estimate.

Eventually Stomper joined the Honored Seven.

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