There are some things in the universe that seem to be a total mystery. The Sphere, as it has come to be known as due to its general shape, is one of them. Even more mysterious than the Ark Ships that the Transsentience Cult uses to raid colonies and stations, the Sphere shows up above a captured colony/station for some unknown purpose. It has only ever been seen once, witnessed and recorded by an Upyri Federation ONI agent minutes before his capture and murder at the hands of cultists.

The footage the agent recorded revealed that the Ark Ships seem to attach and detatch from the sphere, leaving and filling ship shaped holes in the surface. If an Ark Ship has been destroyed in battle, the Sphere seems to manufacture a new one to fill its place. It is currently believed that the Sphere may be a mobile factory under the control of the Transsentience Cult, and is of unknown alien origin. It appears to be very ancient, though.

It is also believed that the cultists use the Sphere to assist with converting large amounts of victims and corpses into fellow cultists.These claims can be neither confirmed nor denied. The Federation has shared their studies of the vessel with other factions, as a precautionary measure in case the Sphere makes another appearance elsewhere in the galaxy.

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