TALOs is a highly secretive and elite component within the Sol Special Forces Division. Founded in 2435 as a result of the militarization of the Sol Government. The unit's primary mission is to conduct small squad operations against all threat to the Sol System. The unit is capable of operating under even the harshest conditions and is notable for gaining a brutal reputation for performance.

Considered the best of the best, TALOs has conducted operations across the Galaxy, mobilizing at the fastest peak.

History Edit

The origins of TALOs are yet to be discovered. But rumors traveled that after realization of the major conflict with extremist led to a new demand for protection.

TALOs formed during May 1st in secret, rallying Sol's best military leaders in an effort to create the perfect squad unit. By 2490, TALOs are yet to revealed through public but somewhere out there they still enact war with their enemies. Harshly.

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