The CEO of the Akachi Independent Militia (or 'AIM' for short), Talib is wanted by the SSOID on the grounds of treason and conspiring with the USR.

History Edit

A former Sol citizen Talib believes that he was sent by God himself to free the Sol Government of its heretic ways. After conspiring to bomb the SSG council chambers on Terra Talib was branded a traitor.

Facing execution he narrowly escaped from the system and vowed to return in the future with an army backing him up. He was not joking.

Several years later Talib Akachi and his merry band of mercenaries are infamous for having no morale compass whatsoever.

They are ruthless and they are efficient, making clients such as mining companies pay alot for AIMs services out in the frontier worlds to help combat pirates (however usually AIM contractors end up eliminate the threat permanently altogether).

Media Edit

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