TVS is the primary vehicle manufacturer within the Sol system and its colonies. They are rivals with Nagata-Ericsen.

History Edit

Founded by former SDF APC driver William Clarkson, whom had survived five IEDs during the Unification, Taurus offers a wide range of utility and transport vehicles with the same endurance, quality and safety as several military counterparts.

TVS transport vehicles are widely used on both Mars, Luna, Valhalla and Qalea simply because they can endure tough climates and traverse rough terrain.

Products Edit

Swift Rover Edit

The Swift is a 4x4 all-terrain rover designed for colonists and communities surrounded by rough terrain or for those who prefer to go offroad. It can safely transport four people and a decent amount of cargo.

TVS also offers several modifications such as solar panels, snow skids, medical equipment etc. all to suit the needs of the client.

ATV Line Edit

Popular among small-time companies the All-Terrain Vehicle line offers affordable 6x6 transport vehicles. Used widely as offroad cargo transports, ambulances or passenger vehicles.

Transport Line Edit

The TVS Transport line offers a wide range of heavy-duty transport vehicles capable of traversing most terrains with ease. While not as speedy as the vehicles from the ATV line, the vehicles from the Transport line have much better cargo and passenger capacity (not to mention endurance).

Military Line Edit

Primarily used by the SDF and SSOID, the TVS Military line offers militarized versions of their Transport line vehicles. Better armore, ammunition storage, combat radar and weapon mounts allow these vehicles to serve at the front as command vehicles, cargotransports or improvised troop carriers.

Media Edit

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