Taylor Caine is a former SDF Auxiliary Infantry Officer, and a freelance Mercenary employed by the Terika-Belladonna Company. She is the former Captain of the Muramasa and current Captain of the Cataract, both vessels being owned by the TBC. Taylor is the daughter of legendary bounty hunter 'Mad Dog' Miranda Caine and Vasil Kirilov Zaikov.

History Edit

Taylor Caine was born on Pyri II, inside the dark and enclosed colony of Pyrus Mining Colony #1. Her father was one of the chief mining supervisors in the colony, while her mother was a retired bounty hunter. Her childhood was that of really any child born on a mining colony. Dirty and cramped, but she got by quite well. She was upbeat, regardless of her living conditions and the hellish world that they lived on. Miranda raised her, clothed her, made sure she did well in school, while her father Vasil worked in the mines to support them (though he didn't exactly need to because of the cash that Miranda had saved from her years of bounty hunting.)

Early in Taylor's teen years, Vasil was killed in a freak mining accident. The miners opted to use vibro-rods on unstable rock, and didn't know that there was a large chasm beneath them. When the rods were activated, the rock beneath them gave way, and Vasil as well as his fellow miners fell into the chasm. At the bottom, a magma pool.

Vasil's death hit both Taylor and Miranda hard, but they managed to push on after his death. Miranda needed to teach her daughter to be strong, and she did just that by taking up her lover's position as chief mining supervisor. Taylor admired her mother's mentality and will, so she decided that when the time came, she'd join up with the SDF Auxiliary group that was stationed on the planet. The day she turned 18, she signed up.

Taylor went on over a period of 12 years to become a decorated officer in the SDF Auxiliary, arriving at the rank of First Lieutenant in the SDF Auxiliary Infantry division. Proving her worth through hard work and discipline as well as her leadership skills and natural combat talent, she was respected highly by both her subordinates as well as her superiors. Apparently respected well enough that one of her superiors decided to point her out to the SSFD, the special forces branch of the SDF. And they did take notice.

During the last years of her military service, she grew restless. She wanted to get out and explore the galaxy, instead of being stuck on Pyri II all of her life. And during the final few weeks of her service, she made her decision to leave Pyri II, even after getting an invitation to join the SSFD (which she never really said no to.) She said goodbye to her mother, and promised her that she would visit or talk to her whenever she could. She also made a bank account for her, which she would put various sums of money into for her in case she ever wished to get off of Pyri II and live a more comfortable lifestyle (not knowing that Miranda already had an account of her own hidden away.)

She left Pyri II, and began working as a Merc for hire. Over a span of two years, she was hired by various PMCs and private contractors, earning vast sums of money which she used to further her goals as well as fill the account she had made for her mother. Eventually, she found herself being hired on by the Terika-Belladonna Company.

Taylor and Valkyrie Edit

Taylor and Valencia 'Valkyrie' Blackwell have sort of a rivalry-based relationship, dating back to when Taylor was still serving in the SDF Auxiliary on Pyri II. Valkyrie and a band of pirates had decided to attack and raid the main mining colony in an attempt to steal things they could sell for scrap. She was met by Taylor and the local defense forces which repelled Valkyrie and the other pirates not once, but twice. Valkyrie had the misfortune of being captured after the first defeat, but managed to escape. After the second defeat, Valkyrie had developed a bit of a grudge against Taylor, and swore that one day, she would kill Taylor once and for all.

After Taylor left the SDF and became a merc, she ran into Valkyrie numerous other times during jobs and such. Sometimes working together, sometimes opposing one another. And on both occasions, Valkyrie has made several attempts on her life. Usually by intentionally fucking up during an op, or distracting Taylor's allies before sicking her drones on her in an attempt to overwhelm her. Despite all of this, Taylor has managed to overcome and survive, further enraging Valkyrie.

It also added to Valkyrie's respect of her. Taylor could take a beating and keep on coming. Symbolic of the mentality and sheer willpower she had inherited from Miranda. There's a mutual respect between them now, even though Valkyrie still fully intends to kill Taylor somehow and likes to tease and frustrate her at every possible opportunity.

Equipment Edit

Power Dynamics Type III-B EHE (Extreme/Hostile Environment) Suit Edit

The EHE Suit is, obviously, a suit built to withstand extreme and hostile environments/situations. It is a set of power armor. It is Taylor's current set of armor. Its specifications are listed below.

  • Class E Military grade armored plating, built to withstand punishment in all environments as well as from various types of ammunition.
  • EVA Capable. Fully self-contained air supply system, as well as featuring deployable booster jets on the back and thighs of the armor.
  • Gravity boots to assist with movement in zero gravity environments and conditions.
  • Integrated exoskeleton, to assist with movement in tough environments as well as dealing with heavy equipment and weaponry.
  • Integrated shock absorbers, constructed into the armor and joints of the suit to assist with sudden or repeating impacts.
  • Built-in communications suite.
  • Fueled by rechargeable Fusion Cores.
  • AI ready, and fully customizable/upgradable.

'Victor' Edit

'Victor' is a chrome .357 Magnum (though now converted to the kinetic equivalent in caliber) revolver that Taylor kept as a keepsake from her years serving in the SDF. She named the weapon 'Victor' after a quote she had once heard one of her superiors say during her service. "History is written by the victor. Are you gonna let some jackass with a gun write your history for you?"

During Chapter 3, Taylor requested a conversion kit that would convert her revolver into a railgun format, much like her mother's revolver.

Trench Knife Edit

Usually carried on Taylor at all times, tucked into her boot or attached to the side. Made of a type of titanium alloy, and fitted with a black synthetic grip. She's used it on a few occasions, where the action is too close to deal with using bullets and such. Another relic of her time with the SDF.

Media Edit

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