The Blackwell Reavers are a pirate faction founded by notorious human pirate Valencia 'Valkyrie' Blackwell and Upyri terrorist Jester in the year 2385. Its headquarters is aboard a vessel known as the Guillotine, a vessel constructed from Upyri blueprints stolen from the Upyri Federation's ONI database.

The Blackwell Reavers
2385 to 2426

Leader: Valencia 'Valkyrie' Blackwell
Former Leader: Jester
Members: Lauren BlackwellZadra MasirChester Warren
Drones: ADAM DronesLoudmouth
Vessels: The Guillotine

2426 to 2430
Leader: Lauren Blackwell
Members: Zadra MasirChester WarrenRoku SaitoKarina ThielKanying ShurenLvishka DravkoNathalie WalkerDaniel MilosovicPetar Vulkov
Drones: Loudmouth
Vessels: The MordredThe Guillotine

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