The Eight Apostles are the eight original members of the Transsentience Cult, and the chief operators and overseers of the Cult's operations and spread. They answer only to their 'Messiah', the mysterious leader of the cult who granted them 'the gift of divinity'. In return for this gift, they seek to spread his message and influence across the galaxy...usually through force. They are usually known only by the number in which they were converted, One through Eight, but each also still retains their original names (which they often keep to themselves unless asked) and personalities. They vary in their origin races, such as Five being a former Ayr, while Three was at one point Human. The one thing they all truely share, though, is a blind devotion to their 'Messiah' and their cause.

  • Apostle One
  • Apostle Two
  • Apostle Three
  • Apostle Four
  • Apostle Five
  • Apostle Six
  • Apostle Seven
  • Apostle Eight
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