The Guillotine is the personal ship of notorious pirate Valencia 'Valkyrie' Blackwell, and serves as the headquarters of the Blackwell Reavers. It is a Battleship of Upyri design, thought up by Nyx scientists and loosely based off Kanad designs. The plans were stolen from the Upyri Federation's ONI database by Upyri terrorist Jester.

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During the Battle of Hell's Reach, the vessel is crippled by Anora Cortus' capital ship as well as various other Blood Corps ships. It is then boarded, and its most of its crew are killed. Valkyrie is also killed in the attack.

After the battle, the ship is brought back to Sielia, where it is repaired by pirate Zhao Chang and the Ironbloods over the course of three years.

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Full view of the Guillotine.

The Blackwell Reavers
2385 to 2426

Leader: Valencia 'Valkyrie' Blackwell
Former Leader: Jester
Members: Lauren BlackwellZadra MasirChester WarrenScarletTaur Gorgon
Drones: ADAM DronesLoudmouth
Main Vessels: The Guillotine

2426 to 2430
Leader: Lauren Blackwell
Members: Zadra MasirChester WarrenRoku SaitoKarina ThielKanying ShurenLvishka DravkoNathalie WalkerDaniel MilosovicPetar VulkovVixaya Vor’SpirranRenate VeilVance Astro • Jackal • ScarletTaur Gorgon
Drones: Loudmouth
Main Vessels: The MordredThe Guillotine
Smaller Craft: Gladiator-Class Fighter

The Mordred & The Guillotine
Crew Leadership

Captain: Lauren Blackwell
First Mate: (Not Assigned)

Lead Helmsman: Roku Saito
Helmsman: (Not Assigned)
Navigator: Nathalie Walker
Gunner: Chester WarrenVance AstroPetar Vulkov
Raider: Karina ThielVance AstroChester WarrenNathalie WalkerDaniel MilosovicPetar VulkovRenate Veil • Jackal
Surgeon: Daniel Milosovic
Armorer: Lvishka Dravko
Technician: ScarletVixaya Vor’SpirranKarina Thiel
Chief Engineer: Zadra Masir
Engineer: Kanying Shuren
Cook: Renate Veil
Drones: Loudmouth