The Handmaidens are a group of women that serve as servants and caretakers of Patient Zero, the leader of the Transsentience Cult. They are devoted to them, and mostly remain by their side at the center of the Sphere. When not at their side, they are usually off in other parts of the Sphere, running errands for them. Occasionally they are also sent off the Sphere, to run errands out into deep space to distant locations.

Surprisingly, they are docile. They do not wish to harm others, seeming to be pacifists in nature. They simply wish to take care of the cult's leader, and carry out their will. If attacked, they are defended by the Guardians, whom also protect Patient Zero when need be. All of the Handmaidens were converted by Patient Zero himself, tailored to suit various needs around the core of the ship. They vary in color, though all are around the same height.

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