"These days, people are hard to kill. You stab them, you shoot them, blow them, they keep on going. Never miss an opportunity to completely finish them off. Cremate just to be damn sure they ain't coming back from the grave."
- The Messenger

The Machalismos Method is a tactic employed in the early 25th Century. With the advance in medical technology, increasing the survival rate via combat engagements and new cybernetic technology enhancing abilities others have devised a new rule of combat. The Method involves completely dealing sufficient damage to the subject through excessive means like decapitation, cremation, or even disintegration. This prevents any further resurrection for the body to reset itself.

History Edit

The origins of the Method are vague and aren't traceable to a specific location. However it is generally accepted it was popularized at the 25th Century where a number of Soldat soldiers disintegrated all their enemies in a cyborg skirmish through Molten charges, preventing them from jump starting their circulatory system.

By 2490, the Maschalismos Method became an unofficial rule dealing with unstoppable foes who process an extreme proportionate of capability. Therefore it is necessary to keep this method in mind at all times when dealing with an enemy in battle, otherwise he may come back up once more.

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