Thur ('Bull') MilTec is a Qalea-based company which specialize in the production of military armor systems and other equipment.

History Edit

Founded by Abdullah Mahadrin, a former UNGSI peacekeeper veteran, Thur was primarily the response to a growing demand for state-of-the-art military equipment from Human colonies. While UNGSI's military branch the UNGDF had universal equipment employed among its peacekeepers the many colonial defense forces were not as lucky.

Thur responded to this demand by cretaing series of affordable, universal, military armor for security forces on a number of different worlds.

Said equipment became very popular because of its modularity and it's adaptability. Today Thur has replaced most of those armors with much more modern sets, including the Defender and Warrior product lines.

Thur is also contracted by the Sol Sports Committee to develop and produce gravsuits for use during Gravball.

Products Edit

Gravsuits Edit

The basis for any Gravball game, the gravsuits designed and produced by TMT offers agility, protection and as well as excellent communication and awareness through its many integrated systems. TMT Gravusits are used by all Human Gravball teams and some alien teams as well.

Warrior Armor System Edit

Tactical visor- and helmet systems, jumppack, heavy armor and more makes the Warrior a perfect choice for colonial assault and naval forces. The Warrior works both in and outside the comfort of an atmosphere.

Defender Armor System Edit

Advanced scanners, deployable energy shields and advanced communications and tracking equipment makes the Defender a favorite among colonial security forces. Works just as well in the vaccum of space as in atmosphere.

Media Edit

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