Grand Admiral Tirell Metais is the current leader of the Upyri Federation Navy, and the dean/head instructor at Metais Military Academy on Hemera. He is considered the most powerful person in the Upyri Federation's military forces.

History Edit

Tirell was born to a small, lower middle class family on Hemera, just outside of the large capital city of Thalassa. His father was a member of Hemera's defense forces, while his mother was a teacher. Despite how strict his father was at times, due to his military nature, his childhood was pretty normal. He earned good grades in school, graduated, and immediately when into Hemera's military academy (after some urging by his father.)

From there, he graduated with honors, and eventually found himself standing as an officer aboard one of Hemera's new Gladius-Class vessels, the HNS Karina. After a few years of service, he eventually made his way up to captain of the vessel upon the original captain's retirement. During his time aboard the Karina, he really didn't see much action. That is, until the Division War began.

Over the course of the war, he was deployed to various hot zones and tasked with escorting or defending colonies from attacks from members of opposing fleets. Mainly from Ker, whom had started the war in the first place by attacking a trading convoy. The battle Tirell is most known for, though, its the Battle of Moirai. Tirell's tactics during the battle catapulted him to fame, as well as led to him being chosen to be the Grand Admiral of the newly formed Federation Navy. Ultimately, he would be considered the leader of the entire Federation Military.

As Grand Admiral, Tirell would go on to order the military forces of the new Federation to assist with the reconstruction of the lost colonies during the war as well as repairing the damage done to any worlds that had been bombarded. He also helped reestablish new trade routes, build the Federation's defenses against outside forces, and build better military ties with neighboring empires. Eventually, he founded a new military academy on Hemera to replace the old one, and became its Dean as well as Head Instructor.

Personality Edit

Tirell, despite coming from a military oriented family and having a long military career himself, is actually a really calm and polite person. Relaxed, friendly, usually found reading a book or practicing his golf swing when he's not teaching officers at the Naval Academy or performing his official duties as Grand Admiral.
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