One of the smaller Sol System colonies, Titan stands out from the rest because its population lives exclusively undergorund and consists to 40% of convicts incarcerated for life.

The capital, Maximum Security Detention Facility 1, is a large subterranean mega complex which houses the absolute worst criminals of Sol.

 Climate Edit

Climate on Titan is harsh with extreme arctic temperatures which have created massive ice dunes with some as big as two kilometers wide, hundreds of kilometers long and up to a hundred meters tall.

Ontop of that the planet has no breathable atmosphere on the surface meaning that should anyone be unlucky enough to be stranded on the surface of Titan they will most likely die in a matter of hours.

Below the surface however there is a single ocean surrounded by millions of caves. The ocean covers at least eighty kilometers and is a mix of water and ammonia, making the liquid undrinkable unless properly filtered.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure on Titan is scarce aside from military facilities, the massive MSDF-1 prison complex and a handfull of water filtration plants. Due to its climate the SDF and SSOID have several underground defense facilities capable of engaging spaceborne threats in orbit around Titan and Saturn.

Notable Locations Edit

MSDF-1 Edit

Officially the capital of Titan, Maximum Security Detention Facility One is the largest detention facility in the Southeastern Quadrant. Home to millions of criminals with one or more lifetime sentences MSDF-1 is also home to an even larger security force consisting of grizzled marines with a no-bullshit attitude. Contact between security forces and convicts are rare as most of the facility follows automated protocols toppled with isolated wards creating a (despite the inhabitants) minimum-violence environment.

Wardens and guards are heavily armed and wear modified boarding trooper armor. They are allowed to use deadly force whenever they see fit.


Short for Sol Planetary Defense Battery Experimental Prototype One, the SPDB was the first planetary defense weapon constructed by the SDF following the unification. With an incredible range it is capable of neutralizing fleets orbiting Titan and Saturn. Its location is kept secret just like with its sibling batteries.

SMS-T Edit

The Sol Monitoring Station Titan is a unmanned orbital monitoring station which acts as a sensor node. Should any unauthorized vessel approach it will be pinged, allowing navy patrols to intercept it.

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