Torvald is a simple man who enjoys drinking as much as he loves a good fight. After serving with the Valhallan Auxiliaries he became a freelancing mercenary who earned a reputation for being loud, obnoxious and incredibly annoying.

Despite his reputation those who have hired him are satisfied with his work.

History Edit

Like the rest of his kin Torvald lives for life itself. Like all Valhallans he argues that if you don't feel the rush of adrenaline once in a while then you're not living a real life.

This was the sole reason for him undertaking a bet that he could beat the biggest Khergian on Valhalla in a drinking game. It is said that his friends and the local tribe still sing his name this day.

Serving as an auxiliary with the SDF Torvald learned a number of useful things such as the fact that most Terrans aren't very goog at drinking games and that you're apparently not supposed to club your enemies to death using your kinetic machinegun when out of ammo (he began to bring an axe instead).

With so many rules and so little time Torvald eventually left the SDF's Valhallan auxiliaries to become a freelancing mercenary.

In some way (he's still not sure if he was sober or not) he ended up with the Honored Seven. He's unsure if it's all a dream or if he really does share a room with a murderous gun-toting rabbit.

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Valhallan Torvald Johansen

Torvald wearing his own personalized armor.

The Honored Seven

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