Trudy Smith is a textbook career soldiers with a good service record reflecting her own good personal discipline and exemplary tactical thinking.

She is in charge of the marine contingent stationed onboard the SNV Horizon under the command of Captain Henry Marshall.

History Edit

Born into a family with a long tradition of distinguished military service, Trudy enlisted with the Sol System Marine Corps while her younger brother joined the ranks of the Sol System Navy.

Considering military service with the SDF to be one of the highest personal honors Trudy worked hard to stay in good shape (both physically and mentally) and follows a strict personal code.

Because of her good leadership skills Trudy was promoted following basic training to the rank of sergeant and served as the XO within a squad of marines tasked with anti-piracy operations.

Eventually she was promoted to the rank of Captain after a short tour as a OMS trooper. While technically holding the same rank as Captain Marshall Trudy considers her colleague to be her superior because of his role as the commander of the SNV Horizon.

This mindset has earned her alot of respect and the two officers have a professional relatiionship where mutual respect is key to their success.

Trudy Smith would later play a key role in organizing the soldiers of the Sol Phantom Warrior Program, assuming a unofficial role as a tactical advisor.

Trivia Edit

Even though the members of both Sigma and Epsilon team technically outrank her, Trudy has managed to earn the respect of all the soldiers to the point where they view her as an equal. Not bad for a jarhead.

Media Edit

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