The Javelin-Class Destroyer is a relatively new vessel, developed and constructed after the 2410s by the Upyri Federation and the Elysium Combine to serve alongside the new Schiavona-Class Battleship as replacements for the aging Caliburnus-Class Battleship. It was developed by military scientists from the Federation with assistance from YsCom, and is meant to serve as a railgun platform as the Schiavona-Class lacks a railgun system. Two of these vessels are usually paired up with the Schiavona-Class, using their railguns to deliver a long range one-two punch to enemy vessels or hard targets while the battleship serves as the main combat vessel for engagements.

It has no alternative firepower beyond missile launchers and light laser repeating turrets, so it relies on the Schiavona-Class or other allied ships for defense.