The Spatha-Class Dreadnought is literally the largest ship in the Upyri Federation's arsenal, and is among the largest warships in the galaxy. Envisioned and planned by scientists on Ker during the Division War, and approved by the Council of Planetary Representatives after witnessing the large scale warships in use by the Ayr Empire/Kanad Collective/SSG, the Federation began construction on this massive ship in the early 2340s. The first ship was completed in 2352, dubbed the 'Kästner' (after the first President of the Federation.) The second ship is currently still under construction as of 2385 but is expected to be finished by January of 2388.

The Kästner features a weapon not seen in any other ship in the Federation. A Mass Particle Accelerator Cannon, mounted in the prow of the vessel. Constructed for capital ship engagements and planetary bombardment, it has never actually been used in combat (though it has been test fired numerous times.) The second Spatha-class vessel will not feature this weapon, instead recieving an enlarged hangar for a more support-based role.

The Kästner is usually escorted by Caliburnus-class, Gladius-class, and Sica-class vessels for support against smaller vessels that its Gauss batteries and laser point-defense batteries cannot intercept.
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