UNIDA Systems Incorporated (also known as UNIDA industries or simply UNIDA) is a Terran conglomerate that focuses on the research, development and production of androids and synthetics.

History Edit

Ho Jiang was a avid opportunist and wanted to take advantage of humanity's spread into the stars and realized that the corporations that followed the explorers out unto the new frontier would jump at the chance of sophisticated un-paid labor. But the android technologies that his company were manufacturing could not live up to the new standards of the extraterrestrial work environments.

Thusly he entered negotiations with James Cooper, the director of the Midlands Institute of Synthetics. The MIS had for a long time been researching the technologies left behind by the Artisynths. Under the watchful eye of the UNGSI it had been researching and developing these technologies.

UNIDA was founded in 2117, and with James Cooper as his partner, Jiang focused UNIDA towards the development of more functional and sophisticated labor by combining Bāngzhù's factories and mechanical android technologies with the genetic research of synthetics that MIS had conducted.

It's first release, the Synthetic Workforce Mk I heavy and light models Adam and Eve were a commercial success. Building on this success, UNIDA continued to develop the Synthetic Workforce, which are still manufactured and used by companies today.

The Stagnation Period Edit

UNIDA continued to grow and prosper, the SW being a common sight all around Terran space. But it would not last forever. Companies in the western colonies, (Later independently Elysium Combine and Tri-Enterprise) had begun manufacturing their own synthetics. Unable to keep up with the new competition and bound to follow SSG laws and guidelines, UNIDA was forced to downsize and cancel projects (such as the combat droid program) to maintain profitable commerce. Due to high import taxes, UNIDA units are rarely bought in Yscom or the Tri-enterprise, and maintain it's strongest clientele in Sol and Upyri space.

While not as sophisticated and life-like as their Yscom and Tri-Ent conterparts, UNIDA synths are more streamlined towards labor and minimalist and are therefor cheaper to produce.

Controversial Treatment Edit

With the advent of synthetic rights movements and the introduction of the Voluntary Societal Integration Program, UNIDA has often been criticized for their treatment of their synths. Most notably it's limitation of free will and training programs to convince their synthetic workforce that they are only meant to work and are second-class citizens. One of the most debated issues have been UNIDA's instructions that "Should a unit individually disobey directives or show signs of possible agitation of distress in the workforce colony, it must be removed and promptly decommissioned."

However, due to customer and legislative demands, UNIDA has gradually relaxed it's practices.

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