The Upyri Federation Navy and Marine Corps are the military forces that protect Federation space, as well as assist allies or engage rogue elements from the Renegade Quadrant. The headquarters of the military forces are on the Upyri capital world of Hemera.

History Edit

The Federation's military originally was divided up amongst the various member worlds of the former Confederation of Upyri Worlds. Of these worlds, Ker was easily considered the most powerful of the military oriented worlds. Its military is the basis of the modern Federation military forces. Most of their structure, tactics, training, even weaponry and armor were derived from Ker's designs and improved upon.

A few of the Federation Military's leaders are veterans of the Division War, a conflict which lead to the downfall of the Confederation and birth of the Upyri Federation. Tirell Metais, the current Grand Admiral of the Federation Navy (and ultimately the leader of the military forces), proved his worth in the Division War with his tactical brilliance during the Battle of Moirai, a battle which cost Ker a decently sized chunk of its interstellar fleet.

After the Division War, it was decided that the military forces would be united as one federal force with its headquarters on Hemera. Tirell Metais was named Grand Admiral, and has remained in that position ever since.

Currently, the Federation Military deals with pirate and Divinity Creed incursions, and the elimination of Transsentience Cult members whenever they are found.

Organization Edit

There are two branches to the Upyri Federation's military forces. The Upyri Federation Navy, and the Upyri Federation Marine Corps. Both get their own fleets, but ultimately the Marine Corps still answers to the Navy.

The chain of command for both is much like that of other military organizations in the galaxy. Especially Sol. The highest position in the Navy is the title of Grand Admiral, which is currently held by Tirell Metais. This position is widely considered the most powerful position in the military forces of the Upyri. He answers directly to the Council of Planetary Representatives, and the President of the Federation. The highest position in the Marine Corps is General, which is held by Ketri Biram. He answers only to Tirell Metais, the Council of Planetary Representatives, and the President of the Federation.

Media Edit

  • An Upyri Federation Trooper.
  • An Upyri Federation Marine.
  • Typical Upyri Federation Navy uniform. (Male version is similar to the left outfit.)
  • Mark IV Plasma Pistol. Standard sidearm of the Upyri Federation Navy.
  • Mark II High Velocity 'Bolter' Pistol. Standard sidarm of the Upyri Federation Marine Corps.
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