The Honor Guard is the oldest military organization in Upyri history that is still in use. Originally established back when the Upyri were still building territory on Nyx, they protected some of the Upyri leadership of the time. And still do that duty to this day, having protected various forms of Upyri leadership throughout the years since then.

Their uniforms have not changed since their first establishment, but their weaponry has undergone some changes. For example, instead of ancient bolt-action rifles, they now use modernized rail weaponry like their bretheren in the Upyri armed forces. They also swapped out their simple steel swords and sabers for the modern equivilents. (The few Honor Guard inside the Senate building that stand about the areas open to the public still use the ancient weaponry as a symbol of tradition and heritage.)

To be selected to join the Guard is of the highest honor, as they select only the best of the armed forces for this service. The number of Honor Guard has never changed, always maintaining a force of five thousand. No more, no less.
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