Founded by ex-OMS trooper Dima Kvostov, UAI was created to meet a high demand for versatile vehicles capable of surviving the galactic frontiers.

History Edit

In 2360 Dima Kvostov, a former Orbital Marine Shocktrooper with the SDF, founded UAI with the purpose of providing vehicles capable of surviving the many harsh climates on the galactic frontier.

Currently UAI offers seven highly customizable vehicles which can be modified to fit specific missions and goals. All of the vehicles are more or less infamous for being nigh-indestructable despite taking heavy punishment.

UAI vehicles are in use today by PMCs, police forces, paramilitaries and surveyors.

Products Edit

Scout RV Edit

Four wheel-drive light reconnassaince vehicle capable of transporting two fully equipped soldiers (or civilian equivalents) as well as a small amount of equipment.

Knight ASV Edit

The UAI Armored Support Vehicle is a 4WD armored car equipped with a single 30mm kinetic autocannon and smokelaunchers. It can transport four people and a small amount of equipment.

Mule AUT Edit

UAI Armored Utility Transport, the Mule is crewed by two by people and can carry large amounts of cargo and/or equipment.

Bear APC Edit

The Bear is a six wheel-drive armored personnel carrier capable of transporting two people (driver & commander) in the front and eight people (or larger equipment) in the back. It comes equipped with smokelaunchers.

Paladin APV Edit

Armored Patrol Vehicle. The Paladin can carry two people and carry small amounts of cargo. Primary armament is an automated weapons station controlled by the front passenger.

Grizzly HAPC Edit

Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier, the Grizzly is a direct upgrade to the Bear and can carry ten fully armed soldiers (or civilian passengers) in the rear compartment. New features include improved armor, better hydraulics and gunholes in the rear.

Sprinter RV Edit

Light reconnassaince rover which can transport three people (driver, passenger & gunner) through most terrain. While it lacks any form of armor the Sprinter is the fastest vehicle available from Ursus.

Media Edit

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