The Uzhor Military Republic is a militaristic isolationist empire surrounded by mystery.

The exact location of their homeworld (and system) is unknown however many scientists theorize that it is either located at the very center of the galaxy or at the edge of it.

History Edit

Not much is known about the UMR and because of their strong isolation policy it has been hard to learn anything about them or their history in the galaxy.

Over the years various species have made first contact with the UMR however before a diplomat or ambassador can be dispatched to initiate a dialogue the UMR vessels dissappear, using unidentified jump technology to avoid contact.

The UGC have several case files detailing the aftermath of several skirmishes between pirates and UMR military. In all these cases the pirates, even when outnumbering the Uzhor, have either been completelty wiped our or reduced to extremely small numbers.

With this information in mind everything points to the fact that the Uzhor have extremely powerful weapons which they're not afraid to use to defend themselves.

The Patrol Transmission Edit

In 2217 a UGC patrol vessel encountered an Uzhor trade convoy at the edge of Sol territory. Following standard procedure the UGC crew attempted to contact the vessel only to be met with a cryptic message in an unknown language.

After they received the transmission the trade convoy jumped.

Members of the UGC science board eventually translated the message:

"We are members of the Uzhor Military Republic. We come in peace. Do not attempt to approach us. We will protect ourselves if neccessary. Long live the Republic."

Media Edit