The people of Vakrosia, the Vakr are proud warriors, hunters and psionic priests. They are experts of martial arts, something they often combine with their psionic powers.

Physiology Edit

Vakr are tall and strong. Their general appearance resemble closely that of the Ayr with the most notable difference being that all Vakr have mouths and noses, something which the Ayr lack.

Another notable fetaure of the Vakr is that all males have thick plate-like bones in their forehead while the females often have horns.

History Edit

Primarily a primitive society divided into different tribes, the Vakr based their lives around their own honor system. The goal of this system was to always please the gods. To do so the Vakr worked hard, treated eachother fair and made offerings to their many deities.

In the event that two or more tribes went to war the warriors would first made great offerings as to keep the balance due to killing being considered dishonorable.

Post-Ayr Integration Edit

Following the integration into the Ayr Empire the Vakr reshaped their society into something which was heavily inspired by the Ayr's own society. Tribes were replaced with Houses and these Houses began to work together to better rule the country.

While the Houses remained largely independent there were several shared laws put into palce to better unify the Vakr people.

Adanis Federation Edit

With the founding of the Adanis Federation the Vakr found themselves working hard alongside Gadr as both strong workers and dedicated soldiers.

Media Edit


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