Valerie Reed is the current captain of the SNV Shadow and a key member of the STWG. She is the former fiancé of Lion and sister of Victor Reed.

History Edit

Valerie grew up with her brother Victor in the suburbs of a UNGSI military base. The Reed family consisted of several military veterans dating back to World War III. Valerie and Victor's parents were no different.

Alongside her older brother Valerie also grew up with a friend of his, Leon Eastlindth, and the three of them were often up to something.

When the Unification war came Valerie was too young to enlist and remained at home with her parents while her brother and their friend both went off to fight for the newly formed SDF.

After the Unification Valerie enrolled with the SDF Naval Academy and after serving as a cadet onboard a patrol vessel Valerie was eventually promoted and given command of her own vessel.

Media Edit