Valhalla is the name of the capital world of the Yggdrasil System. While independent Valhalla have, just like Novithus, kept its strong ties with the Sol System Government.

The people of Valhalla consist largely of humans mostly of scandinavian descent however it is also home to a small minority of khergians.

SDF Auxiliary soldiers from Valhalla are infamous for being loud, rowdy and overall a generally a thorn in the side for the commanding officers of the SDF working with them. However they also posses a rather impressive natural resistance towards both alcohol and cold, something which have earned them alot of respect with the khergians on their planet.

In battle valhallan auxiliaries are as ferocious as they are lethal and even though they are trained by the SDF most valhallans receive informal training beforehand which teach them more daring tactics not commonly used.

Climate Edit

Valhalla's climate is harsh, cold and very unforgiving. The entire population live in large reinforced domes on the surface or underground bunker-like cities.

Despite the natural hostility of the planet there's an abundance of fauna ranging from plants capable of surviving the cold due to thick natural armor to dangerous beasts who reside in ice caves when they're not stalking their prey through the deep ravines.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure on Valhalla is sparse and mostly centered around mining. The valhallans make a fortune from mining rare earth materials hidden underneath the thousands of layers of ice as well as from selling ice blocks to worlds where water is rare resource.

Over the years the valhallans have perfected the art of ice mining which made them the number one exporter of ice in the Southeastern Quadrant.

Notable Locations Edit

Valaskjalf Edit

Meaning "the hall of the fallen warrior" in ancient norse, Valaskjalf is the capital city of planet Valhall. It consists of five massive domes all connected to eachother. The center dome is home to the valhallan planetary and military administration alongside embassies and other government buildings.

The four other domes are home to both residential and business zones.

IC-001 Edit

Impact Crater 001, a massive crater located on the northpole of Valhalla. Even though valhallan scientists are yet to uncover the full story they believe that the crater was the result of the collision with a rather large asteroid. It is thought that when the asteroid hit the ensuing blast eradicated most life on the northpole of the planet.

Gift to Odin Edit

A massive monument built to honor Odin and the other gods of Norse mythology which stands three hundred meters tall. Even though the religion brought to the planet by the first settlers has long since been abandoned following the Unification the valhallans still tend to the monument in order for it to not fall into decay.

Media Edit

SDF Aux Trooper Valhalla

Valhallan soldier with the SDF Valhalla Auxiliaries.

Valhalla Valaskjalf

The tradeport at Valaskjalf.


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