Varia Reyes is a former captain of the EAF and commander of the EAF MechForce.

History Edit

Reyes grew up on Eridia as the only child of two miners. With a huge interest for the mechs used by her parents during mining Varia aspired to become a mechpilot herself someday.

At the age of eighteen she had licenses for at least twenty different mechs and had extensive knowledge of double that amount. She then decided to enlist with the Eridian Armed Forces.

With many of their tactics involving the use of a variety of mechs it was not hard for Varia to rise through the ranks thanks to her previous training and knowledge.

Young, eager to learn and highly capable Varia was later the definitive choice to lead the EAF's newly formed MechForce which focused entirely on mech & infantry battalions rather than mixed armor tactics.

Under Varia's watching eye the MechForce turned into one of the most sophisticated military units to ever exist in the galaxy. Using special military combat mechs and unique infantry armor the MechForce was ready to deploy in a moments notice and capable of fighting in most terrains with minimal logistical and military support.

In 2385 Eridia was invaded by the Fists of Sol. The invasion ultimately ended with a brutal landslide victory in favor of the Fists, however during the EAF's joint-branch efforts to keep their planet standing long enough so that civilians could evacuate Varia and her MechForce became an invaluable asset.

Deployed initially to investigate what later turned out to be a Fist scout ship the MechForce was later transferred to the capital of Atar where they divided into smaller battlegroups which assisted other EAF forces as well as the Atar Police Department.

After witnessing the loss of an evac ship, Varia and her soldiers were ordered to fall back to the last EAF staging ground where the last EAF forces were wiped out following the destruction of two battleships in the skies above.

Left for dead among the rubble and stuck in her mech Varia survived on MREs for five days untill scavengers unearthed her. Trading her mech for a warm meal and one-way ride off Eridia Varia eventually ended up on Nyx, where she met the mysterious Hirala of Sawark.

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EAF Aegis Mech

The Aegis, Varia's personalized combat mech.

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